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Implantation experiences!!

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Daisybell1990 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:29:43

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Implantation experience1
Today 09:26 Daisybell1990

Hi just after a bit of advice

We have been trying tto for 1 year , they have put me on metformin and I now have 42 day cycles . I had all signs of ovulation in day 28 !
On day 40.of my cycle I had some really really faint spotting basically nothing, for the past week I have had weird twinges my boobs kill and I am really not feeling right... unfortunately today I woke up to a light period with very light cramps. It's brought red blood n been bleeding about 3 hours now . I've got so many things crosses that this isn't af and stops soon I was so convinced this month not sure why jist had a feeling. Can any one explain there implantation bleeding and similar experiences. Thanks

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