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Impact of chest infection?

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Hurricane99 Sun 06-Nov-16 07:11:14

I've had a nasty cold for around two weeks now. It's mostly passed but I've been left with an awful cough and chest infection. Not on antibiotics as Dr thinks it's probably viral.

I'm on cycle Day 10. For the last 4 or so days (since my cough worsened) I've had ridiculous amounts of EWCM. Also my BBT shot up to my post ovulation level on Cycle day 8, but it's not a fever.

So weird. Symptoms alone suggest ovulation around Day 6?? This would be exceptionally early for me. I'm usually Day 14-16. I haven't started on OPKs yet as I normally start them on Day 10.

I'm thinking the increased CM is probably because my body had gone into general mucas overdrive? My lungs are full! And a slight BBT rise as I'm fighting a virus?

Assuming I haven't ovulated, is being sick likjeky to impact/delay it? Shall we just carry on as normal? Sex right now isn't top of my To Do list without good reason...

BusyNothings Mon 07-Nov-16 18:42:44

I'm on week 7 of chest infection turned cold turned back to chest infection turned sinus infection and in the same position as you. My body is still being completely stupid I haven't got a clue what it's doing to be honest.

I just gave up trying to track it at its worse and now I've started again I'm so confused and infuriated.

I think if you've had ewcm that's a good sign. Might be worth doing an early OPK just to be sure though!

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