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TTC - all so new to me

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Rainydayzandmondays13 Fri 04-Nov-16 20:27:58

I'm currently TTC #2 . We started about a week ago (so not that long) and this is the first were actively trying for (DS was a happy accident).

I ordered some ovulation tests off the Internet not only to track my fertility but also to make sure I am ovulating, due to coming off the depo and periods being a bit messed up. I took one today and it was negative.

So I guess in short when is the best time to take ovulation tests? Any tips on things in helping to conceive?

Thought I could also start a thread for all you other ladies TTC and fairly recently like myself so share the highs and lows.

Phoenix76 Fri 04-Nov-16 21:55:47

You sound just like I was! DD1 was a "happy accident" and when it came to ttc2 I thought it would be easy! Anyway, after almost a year of no success and feeling thoroughly miserable and panicking I'd left it too late ( I was 39), I did the following as I was driving myself mad plotting charts and waiting for the smiley face on the opk's. I was already taking folic acid a must when ttc. I ditched my opk's (although a lot of people find them useful) and just plotted my af. I researched fertility and Ubiquionol QC10 kept coming up (Google Ubiquionol & fertility), we dtd every 2-3 days throughout the month accept when af was visiting. I tried to relax about it ( easier said than done) and within a month of my new plan I was pregnant and my now 8 month old dd2 is snoozing next to me. As regards to the opk's morning wee is best, I took them throughout my first two cycles so I had an idea of when I ovulated and just kept taking them around suspected time after. Anyway, don't stress and I hope you get your positive very soon.

Rainydayzandmondays13 Sun 06-Nov-16 14:51:04

Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you so much for your advice it has helped a lot xx

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