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Tmi creamy cm and bbt

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Tinks100887 Fri 04-Nov-16 13:25:01

I'm certain I ovulated on the 31/10 due to horrible ov pains my cm few days before and day after was watery.

What do people think of my temps. 35day cycle

Cd10 bbt 96.18 watery cm

Cd11 bbt 95.14 didn't cm check

Cd12 bbt 95.03

Cd13 wet cm

I missed the rest as was away with work

Cd16 ovulation day

Cd17 bbt 98.29 watery cm

Cd18 bbt 97.24 creamy cm

Cd19 bbt 98.31 creamy cm

Cd20 ( today ) loads of white creamy cm and my bbt is 97.99

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