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Help, am I ovulating?

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BusyNothings Fri 04-Nov-16 12:06:30

I'm really confused and could do with some advice!

We've been ttc since July, i started tracking pretty much straight away and I know I ovulated on CD15. I got pregnant that cycle and had a cp or early miscarriage. Next cycle I ovulated really late on CD23 but this was after the mc so i put it down to that. Next cycle I didn't track as I was really unwell with a chest infection and high temps so there was no point.

Now this cycle I'm totally confused. My predictions from ff are all over the place due to the last few months being a mess and it has predicted me to ovulate on CD23. So I've been doing cheap opks since CD8 and they are slowly getting darker. I've also had a high soft cervix, with cm going from creamy to slightly stretchy to watery. With all this information and my temps ff now thinks I'm fertile now. So I started doing the expensive clear blue opks and they are saying low. Wtf?! Am I ovulating? About to ovulate?

I've attached pics of my temps and my cheap opks from the last two days.

Lol sorry for the long post, I'm just really bloody confused and trying to get my head around it before it starts to stress me out.

MrsG280516 Fri 04-Nov-16 12:14:01

Your OPK needs to be much darker than that to be classed as positive. They need to be as dark as or darker than the control line. Temps won't tell you if you've ovulated until after you have, you'll see a large temp jump compared to pre-ov temps then your temperature will stay higher if you're pregnant or drop back down again when AF comes.

Its possible you could ovulate in the next few days, if your OPKs get darker. Are you doing them at the same time each day for a good comparison? You can ovulate between 12-48 hours from a positive OPK. Unfortunately its not an exact science, sometimes our bodies can gear up to ovulate but the surge in hormones isn't enough for it to happen, its called an anovulatory cycle.

TurquoiseDress Fri 04-Nov-16 16:47:32

hi OP
I don't have any specific advice but just wanted to say that I sympathise totally!

OPKs have got me confused and wondering whether a 2nd line is a proper positive, weak positive or not at all.

Have only used the cheap internet sticks.

Been tracking BBT for the last 6 weeks or so, really could not be arsed at first. But it seems that BBTs are the only sure sign that you have actually ovulated i.e. a temperature spike happens a day or so after you have ovulated (or so I think) so it's a retrospective thing, as opposed to a guide when you should have sex.

But looking back over my last 2 cycles I can pinpoint that I ovulated around day 16 based on my BBTs and the obvious spike.

I've almost given up the OPKs (have run out of them anyhow) but am still taking BBT every day or so, when I remember.

For me, having sex every other day from around CD8 is what we are going for this month- I found OPKs kind of exciting at first, as in something seemed to actually be happening, but they annoyed me as I was over-thinking it all.

Just going to stick with having lots of sex this cycle- cycle 4 following missed miscarriage.

TurquoiseDress Fri 04-Nov-16 16:49:04

And to add- my cycles have settled to around 30 days since the MMC so ovulation on day 16 is pretty spot on as your period, in general, comes along 14 days after ovulation (but this does not apply to everyone of course).

mrsmugoo Fri 04-Nov-16 16:56:09

I found the clearbkue digital tests were really good in conjunction with temping. After a few months I realised I ovulated 36-48 hours after my solid smiley and so I knew exactly when to time sex.

BusyNothings Fri 04-Nov-16 17:25:07

Thanks all for the replies. I know the cheapies need to be darker to be positive. But usually through the month I never get a line, not even a faint one as some people do. The only time I do get a line is during ovulation. I'm doing them at the same time every day and not drinking for two hours before per the instructions. I'm also checking my cervix at the same time and place. Just done today's and pic is attached. So much darker and I've got quite a bit of ewcm but now my cervix has gone a bit harder and the CB OPK this morning was definitely low. I'm so confused!!

Also turquoise glad to know I'm not alone. We are trying to dtd regularly but doesn't help that hubby is knackered all the time atm due to work.

Dazedandconfusedtoomuchpeppa Fri 04-Nov-16 20:12:06

I think everyone is different but I can get tests very similar to that anywhere during my cycle and it doesn't necessarily mean ovulation is about to happen.

Hopefully if you test again tommoro you'll have a better idea how close you are to ovulation.

Good luck flowers

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