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Weird test result

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McBinkers Fri 04-Nov-16 11:29:51

Superdrug test took ages to start to show (you know the way you can notice the liquid moving up) about a good minute. Then the end result looked like this. It's a weird box instead of nothing or a line, is it a dud test or just another negative? I've used these before and never seen this

Kenworthington Fri 04-Nov-16 11:41:52

Dunno. It looks like two lines- maybe it's twins grin

LifeLong13 Fri 04-Nov-16 11:48:45

LOOOOOOOL @ KenWorthington

MauiChristmas Fri 04-Nov-16 11:50:58

I don't thinknyiu can trust that test. Take another.... X

Jellybabie3 Fri 04-Nov-16 11:51:11

Think its an anomaly - i would do another

MissClarke86 Sun 06-Nov-16 13:46:49

It looks like urine has got under the plastic outer case. Try to pee in a pot and dip it in instead of peeing on the actual stick - I hadn't this a few times.

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