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TTC after TFMR. Six weeks to the day, just had weirdest bleed. What could it be?

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myofficeisfreezing Thu 03-Nov-16 08:46:01

I had a TFMR at 13 weeks, exactly six weeks ago. Awful, but now mainly just desperate to conceive again, and I'm 43 so time not on my side at all. Last week I was pretty sure I was ovulating as had EWCM all week. I thought that might make sense, as two-ish weeks for pregnancy hormones to leave, two-ish weeks to get back into a cycle, and then ovulation. But yesterday I had the weirdest bleed. This is far TMI so I apologise in advance but yesterday evening, this blood rushed out, but it was old, black, disgusting really. I thought it must be the start of my period and sort of flushing out what was left from the termination (sorry!) But now ... it has pretty much stopped. What on earth is going on? Has anyone else had anything like this following a miscarriage or termination?

thatsnotmybear Thu 03-Nov-16 21:27:29

Hi op, sorry for your loss. The time it takes for pregnancy hormones to disappear varies widely. I had surgical management for a missed miscarriage at nearly 8 wks earlier this year, and it took 4 weeks for pregnancy hormones to disappear (I'd been testing every week & finally got a negative hpt). At 13 weeks your hormone levels would be high, and it will take some time for them to drop.

Incidentally at the same time I had an odd bleed which only lasted a day. I assumed it was my period, but exactly 2 weeks later I had a much heavier bleed that turned out to be my proper period. I'm not sure what the bleed 4 weeks after the surgery was, but it was probably related to the drop in hormones.

myofficeisfreezing Mon 07-Nov-16 09:50:36

Thanks so much for responding that'snotmybear, and I am sorry for your loss too. I got a negative pregnancy test about two weeks after the termination. I guess I just need to wait and see, I don't think what happened last week was a period, still not sure what it was but guess I just need to watch and wait. It's driving me crazy!!

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