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Clearblue Easy pregnancy tests?

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Mollykate12 Tue 01-Nov-16 14:32:58

Does anyone use these and think they're good? I've got positive lines but not sure if they're any good

MrsG280516 Tue 01-Nov-16 14:42:29

Its very unlikely you'd get a false positive. Clear Blue are sometimes not as sensitive as other tests so can give a false negative but not usually the other way round.

Mollykate12 Tue 01-Nov-16 15:33:17

It also says on the leaflet that no matter how faint the line is you are still pregnant. Do you think that's true?

MouseLove Tue 01-Nov-16 15:37:35

Congratulations. You're pregnant. Any line is a positive. X

Jodie1982 Tue 01-Nov-16 20:22:41

Hi molly I saw your thread with your test pics and saw a line on your Clear blue one 👍 looks positive.
Good luck.

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