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How long for chemical pregnancy symptoms to subside

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JassyR Tue 01-Nov-16 07:46:03

Morning all,

I had what I believe was a chemical pregnancy - definite digital positive last Wednesday evening after faint positive on clear blue cross lines test. I tested again on Thursday, which was negative and then the doctor tested Friday and yesterday, both negative. Doctor was a bit perplexed but said it was likely a very early miscarriage/failure to implant properly but is confirming with a blood test.
I'm still having all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms - nausea, odd cramps, headaches, gagging at the taste of chicken and a weird shooting pain down the back of my right leg. I also haven't had any bleeding. I know everyone's different but could anyone tell me how long it usually takes to go back to feeling normal. I'm not under any illusion that I'm pregnant and know it's probably leftover hormones but I'm really worried about the possibility of bleeding heavily and unexpectedly at work as I don't work in a very female friendly workplace and had been on the pill without a break for six months. Anyone got any words of wisdom? I should add that I'm not normally a sharer of such intimate details (or anything really) especially not online but I'm finding this forum so helpful because I just find it impossible to ask people in real life. Many thanks.

HelloMist Tue 01-Nov-16 16:04:26


Sorry to hear what's happened. sad I recently had a CP/early loss. Found out through tests and with a blood test. I did have positives but they were faint and got fainter. I had a loss of pregnancy symptoms as well though, so it went a little differently for me. I was around 6w (though I think I may have lost it at 5.)

I started bleeding the day after having a second beta blood test. (The results turned out to be very low). It was just spotting that night, then brown the next day, and by evening, red and heavier. It was slightly heavier than a period but wasn't very painful (only slightly on the first day or 2). I also saw something that looked more than blood which I won't detail here. Each case is probably different but I thought I would share my experience. I would bring thick pads*, maybe spare underwear, painkillers to work with you (*in my understanding it's best not to wear tampons for a miscarriage in case of infection) and be prepared to go home if you aren't feeling well. For me it was more emotionally than physically that I felt unwell.

The Miscarriage Association has a helpline and some leaflets on the website which might be helpful for advice.

best wishes x

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