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ttc while breastfeeding

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mirta Mon 31-Oct-16 15:02:47

Hi Everyone, I wondered if anyone is in the same shoes... I am still breastfeeding my 10 months old and has just started ttc #2. I got my period back 5 cycles ago, it pretty much regular as it was prepregnancy. This is our first month trying. I am expecting af in the next couple of days, I don't think we succeeded this time.. sad It would be nice to hear from someone who is in similar situation x

Writerwannabe83 Mon 31-Oct-16 15:17:07

I started TTC #2 whilst breast feeding my toddler and after failing again last month on Cycle 7 I have now decided to stop breast feeding to see if this makes a difference.

I know that lots of women fall pregnant whilst breast feeding but I think just as much women struggle to conceive whilst breast feeding too.

There used to be a long running thread in this conception forum purposefully for women trying to conceive whilst BF'ing, if you have a scroll down you should find it and hopefully you get lots of reassurance flowers

JaneEyreWasASellout Mon 31-Oct-16 16:03:36

There is a thread. It used to be very active last year when I was Ttc but seems to be quiet now I've started again!
Fwiw if you've got your cycle back you'll probably be lucky. I had to stop bf completely in the end just to get my AF back, then my LP was shit and then after investigation it turned out I wasn't actually ovulating so even if my LP was fixed it wouldn't have helped!
Was sorted out immediately with induced ovulation and some progesterone vagina bullets on the first go, but it was a long slog to there. And I'm ancient so that might have had something to do with it. Or not.
If you've got AF and good cycles now you're probably okay. If you are desperate and have money to spare though you can get a scan to see if you are actually ovulating.
I've just managed to manipulate my AF back through "improper" use of contraception (which I'm obviously not advising, although I explained what I hoped to achieve to my gp) but have no idea yet if I will have a useful LP or indeed if I will ovulate. If things look dodgy this time around I will go the induced ovulation and bullets route sooner regardless of cost.
Good luck!

mirta Mon 31-Oct-16 19:17:38

Thank you 😊, it is nice to hear that I am not alone with this. I was thinking of charting from next month to see if I have a temp dip when my body is trying to ovulate.
We are not ready to give up breastfeeding yet. I think we are going to keep trying for now and see what happens. Give it a good few cycles.
JaneEyreWasASellout I am sorry to hear that you had so much trouble getting your AF back. I hope it will be easier for you this time.
Good luck to you Writerwannabe83. 😊

Mummydragon101214 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:33:13

I have pcos and my eldest was conceived on clomid (after 20 months and 4 clomid cycles) and when he was 13 months I took a cycle of the remaining clomid tablets I had - got pregnant with DS2 first go! I hadn't had a period after DS1.

DS2 was 18 months when AF came back - went like this: returned October 2013, one in December 2014, two in January 2014! (Two weeks apart and the second one was awful, black like tar - think newborn poo!) then February 2014 which is when I think I ovulated around CD26 - we only had sex twice that month and I was still breastfeeding DS2 day and night (he was 23 months)

DD is 2 next month, AF arrived on 4th September, then 20th October - BUT I am feeling weird, have what looks like a + test and I've had a HCG blood test done today. DD still feeds a lot in the day (unless we are out all day, at home she likes constant access...) and some nights she can spend all night latched on as she is teething.

Sounds funny when I think that since June 2010 I have only had 4 months where I've not been breastfeeding 😂 (DS2 didn't want to dry nurse during the last part of pregnancy with DD) I tandem fed my boys for 6 months too.

Cutting down or cutting out night feeds is meant to help.

mirta Thu 10-Nov-16 15:25:25

Oh wow, this gives me hope 😊 that is amazing - feeding whilst pregnant plus tandem feeding.
I would like to take it easy and just bd every other day or so throughout the month, maybe a bit more often around O day. I started taking temperature in the morning so I know when i ovulate. I am not sure how accurate the reading will be as I normally taking temp whilst breastfeeding my DD lying down. Lol anyway I am on cd 6 now, let the fun begun for this month smile cycle #2 hopefully this will be the one. I really would like to have another one now so the age gap won't be too big.
Do you have the results back from your blood test?

mirta Thu 10-Nov-16 15:29:24

DD is normally feeding once or twice a night if there is no teething, illness... I feed her about 4-5 times during the day, sometimes more often. I hope that I can get pregnant as I don't really want to give up bf...

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