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Help - totally confused about what my body's doing after stopping breastfeeding...

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ricepolo Fri 28-Oct-16 18:56:26

So I though I knew what was going on, but now I'm confused.

I stopped BF my youngest about 3 weeks ago. I didn't ovulate whilst I was BF (which is normal for me: previously I've needed to totally stop BF in order to become fertile again).

Two weeks ago I had huge amounts of very fertile, stretchy stuff, plus painful stomach cramps. I assumed that this was my first ovulation. However the EWCM continued (albeit in smaller amounts) for another three/four days.

Most of last week alternating creamy/slightly EWCM, but definitely not 'dry' like I'd expect post-ovulation.

This Wednesday just gone (i.e. 14 days after I thought I'd ovulated) I had a small amount of wetness, followed by some slightly reddy/brown EWCM. I assumed this was my period but it never became more than that: two wipes and it was gone.

Yesterday I got some jelly-like discharge (like the glue you get for samples in magazines) and some ewcm: really stretchy (definitely not DH's swimmers: it sank in water and stayed stretchy for a while rather than disappearing). Today I've had more ewcm (mix of creamy/opaque and clear) and some period-like cramping on the one side, although the discharge seems to have stopped this evening.

We are TTC. We didn't have unprotected sex until after a few days after when I thought I'd ovulated (DH was still deciding then if he was on board), but we have been regularly shagging since.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on what's going on? I'm starting to think that I didn't ovulate two weeks ago, that the discharge this week was maybe my trying to ovulate again (since the jelly stuff is fertile, correct?)? We're away this weekend so it'd be good to know if we need to sneak in an extra session tonight somehow!!


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