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Two days after stopping pill and feeling 'fear' - is that normal?

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Jellybabie3 Fri 28-Oct-16 08:07:32

Hi all smile i took my last pill on wednesday and you may have seen prior to that, me posting how excited i was; i have brought opk and preg tests etc etc Two days after taking my last pill though i feel really anxious. Not that i wont get pregnant but that i will. Sounds so daft i know. I have been on the pill for 14 years, and waited almost as long for OH to want a baby. I dont know of its normal to all of a sudden understand the reality that you can now get pregnant at any moment and our whole life can change....i feel i am maybe being daft i just wondered if that happened to anyone else?

ScottishLady7 Fri 28-Oct-16 11:20:54

Yes it is totally normal to have a wobble at the start. And again once you're in and trying. And probably, although I have no experience of this, again once you are pregnant.

It is a huge, exciting, life-changing decision you have made with your OH but don't worry that some nerves mean it's the wrong one. If you have thought it through together and decided to give it a go then just hold tight and the nerves will go.

Good luck!

physicskate Fri 28-Oct-16 12:44:57

I had such nerves the first time dtd while ttc I nearly threw up! Totally normal. Now that it's been over six months, no nerves, but like scottishlady said, I am sure once I do get upduffed I will be terribly nervous as well!

Jellybabie3 Fri 28-Oct-16 13:06:08

Ah ok thats good to know. Its like you say, in my heart i am happy but i literally couldnt sleep last night thinking about it all. So odd!!

MouseLove Fri 28-Oct-16 19:05:57

I finished my pill mid September. Actually today is CD43. I haven't had a bleed, my temps are all over the show and I don't know what the hell is happening.

The first two weeks I was a nervous wreck. My tummy had nervous pains all day every day. And I was convinced AF would turn up every day.

Then I became a tad hopeful towards the 3 week mark.

Got a BFN on CD36 and so I've just been relaxed and busy since.

The best advice I can give you is to relax. It's a MASSIVE decision and step in your life. You're taking it seriously so of course you're going to be going through the different emotions. It's hard but you'll be fine. Don't get ahead of yourself, test only when your cycles have regulated and don't torture yourself. Stay positive!! X

Jellybabie3 Fri 28-Oct-16 19:15:47

Ok thanks. I thought coming off the pill would be the easy bit!! I do hope cycles start soon but i guess worrying wont help either way. Thank you

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