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Very strong opk on cd 12 of a 35 day cycle

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Tinks100887 Thu 27-Oct-16 17:33:57

Just thought I'd do an opk, not thinking it would be darker than test line. :/
It's definitely positive.
Had a very light spotting period on 16/09 had a blood hcg at doctors on 18/09 was neg. my af only lasted 3 days n I didn't need a tampon. And it was brown spotting.
I've heard opk's can detect pregnancy.
Is this true ? Or do you think I'm just ovulating really early.

stubbornstains Thu 27-Oct-16 17:39:25

Brown spotting only for 3 days? Perhaps it wasn't a proper period; perhaps your last cycle was anovulatory? This happened to me one time only (when I was TTC, ironically), and totally threw me. It was a few months after I'd come off the pill.

What did you have a HCG test for? thanks if you've just suffered a loss.

I assume you're TTC, so I would get shagging!.

Tinks100887 Thu 27-Oct-16 18:19:10

Hahaha get shagging!! Just spat my drink out laughing.

I thought I was pregnant with my af being just spotting, but it maybe what you say smile
I also had full blood count and everything came back normal.

I've been off the mini pill since May first month off was awful. So I'm happy I'm now starting to ovulate.

Could I ask if you don't mind. When you ovulate or get a opk do your boobs and nipples feel tingly ? Xx

stubbornstains Thu 27-Oct-16 20:47:31

Yes indeed! And I start following random men around in LIDL too grin

"Taking charge of your fertility" is a great book, and where I got all this info from.There's also a website:

Tinks100887 Fri 28-Oct-16 09:44:42

Hahaha omg!!! There's a new lidil opening down road this weekend too 😂 I've got the ovai app but I'll try that one too smile z

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