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Test results help needed!!!

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sarahboro1 Wed 26-Oct-16 20:27:33

Hi all, I'm new on here, been TTC for 8 months now so GP has started bloods. My first one at the start of my cycle was all normal, then my progesterone last week just after I should have ovulated was 13!! ☹️ Now I thought this was too low and suggests I haven't ovulated but the GP said it was fine!!! Any opinions please? This week they are testing for anti-mullarian which to me suggests they don't think I am ovulating??!! Totally confused!! 🤔

willitbe Wed 26-Oct-16 21:01:31

Hi, the progesterone test level depends on which units were tested in,
2–25 ng/mL or 6.4–79.5 nmol/L so a level of 13ng/mL would be fine, less than 10 might have been a worry, or less than 30nmol/L. But since the doc said it was ok, I assume it was the first measure. Did your period arrive around a week after the blood test, if so then I would assume that it was all ok.

Regarding the anti-mullarian test, this is just a routine test, and unfortunately the results are meaningless unless you are undergoing IVF, but doctors still seem to want it. It supposedly measures the number of eggs you have left, but unfortunately it does not tell you the quality of those eggs. So you could have plenty of eggs, but all of them a bit dodgy, in which case you are lulled into a false sense of security. Or the other extreme, you have a low number of eggs, but they are all perfect and it is just a matter of hitting the right one! As I say, not a particularly helpful test!

I take it that the sperm count and quality have all been checked as ok?

Hope this information helps

sarahboro1 Wed 26-Oct-16 21:09:40

Hi willitbe, thanks for that! Yeah I guess my progesterone was ok then!! That was day 17 so I'm not due my period until this Sunday on day 28.

I wonder why they're running the AMH then? I have to go back next week so I guess all will be revealed!!

My bloods are the first tests we've had done. I'm 35 and my GP wasn't massively worried that we hadn't conceived yet but I think just to appease me he said we'd do bloods then if that was all fine he'd leave us alone so to speak for a few months before starting sperm tests!!

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