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Age Gap - Success Stories v Negative Stats!

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Jett99 Wed 26-Oct-16 15:41:05

Hi there smile My partner and I have been talking about having children for a while, but we're starting to talk a lot more seriously about when we are going to start trying. However, when we do, I will be 22 and he will be 39. I have a step-daughter, so we already know he can have children, but that was over seven years ago. I've read in a few places that it can be a lot harder when the woman is <25 and the man is 40+, and I'm starting to worry that it might not work out. Does anyone have any positive stories etc. that will make me feel better, or know if this is a common problem? There doesn't seem to be much information on couples who are different ages. Thanks!

MrsG280516 Wed 26-Oct-16 15:59:00

I really wouldn't worry about it, I can't think of any reason why your ages would effect things, especially as its the man who is older. Men can still reproduce until well into old age.

holzyb20 Wed 26-Oct-16 18:02:13

My mum and dad had 16 years between them my mum was 25 and my dad was 41 I was their first and they had my brother 3 years later. No problem for them smile

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