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Could I be? Help ! :)

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Rebeka0 Tue 25-Oct-16 15:59:09

Hello ladies,

I ovulated on the 13th and since then I've been really really bloated and gassy (sorry) I've had really bad acne and dry skin on my face which I don't normally get other than the odd spot before AF. I've been having slight twinges in my lower tummy and sore and heavy boobs (that seems to have passed now) I've been running to the toilet every 2 minutes and exhausted (I had two naps today as it's my day off work and it's not even 4 o'clock!!)

I did a fertility test on the 15th of October and there was nothing not even a thin line whereas today I did one along side a pregnancy test (which was negative) and the fertility test had a line which wasn't as thick as the other but still there. What could this mean? I can't be about to ovulate again surely?! Since yesterday I've been feeling really excited for no apparent reason! I dont want to get my hopes up too much though!!

Any thoughts would be appreciated I'm driving myself crazy!! smileconfused thanks x

CupofTeaTime Tue 25-Oct-16 16:06:32

I wouldn't read anything into the ovulation test you took yesterday. you can have traces of LH in your system at any time of the month so it would produce a line, they are not designed to show up HCG at all. The preg test was negative but it could just be too early to take one. All the symptoms you describe could be either AF on the way or early pg it's impossible to say. All you can do is keep testing. Good luck!

CupofTeaTime Tue 25-Oct-16 16:07:14

Sorry I mean the ovulation test you took today not yesterday

Rebeka0 Tue 25-Oct-16 16:45:12

Thanks for you're speedy answer! This is my first month TTC since coming off the pill and haven't had my AF since 2nd of September so I have no idea how long my cycle is or when AF is due so can't go on when/if I'm late to test. Will try and hold off another 4-5 days after today's negative and hope for the best!

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