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Should we test again?

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sadandanxious Sun 23-Oct-16 09:30:29

My coil came out earlier this week and I did a pregnancy test just to check prior to getting another one back in. This was with fmu. the control line didn't come up properly but DP and I both think there's a line in the test region. We got another test to double check and did it in the evening and it came up negative. Is it worth retesting with fmu again? Despite wanting to get another coil the initial test result really made us think and talk about things and it got our hopes up and got us excited about the prospect of having a baby and we both agreed that actually we wanted it to be positive. I don't know if we're just getting our hopes up and wishing it's positive if it's just a dodgy test?

EsmesBees Sun 23-Oct-16 09:33:31

I think the lack of control line means it's not worked properly. Worth trying again in the morning with a First Response test.

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