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Has anyone got pregnant whilst not ovulating?

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Yasziieboo Sat 22-Oct-16 20:38:09


BWatchWatcher Sat 22-Oct-16 20:40:26

I think one is a prerequisite for the other.

Yasziieboo Sat 22-Oct-16 20:41:48

Oh right, just wanted to know if anyone has experienced it x

Stormwhale Sat 22-Oct-16 20:42:03

That's not really possible op. Do you mean getting negatives on an ovulation kit? That is possible as they can be wrong.

Rachie1986 Sat 22-Oct-16 20:42:14

I don't think that's possible..?

FaithAscending Sat 22-Oct-16 20:42:17

Not is kind of essential. However my friend has PCOS and she hadn't had AF for a year and then discovered she was pregnant.

eurochick Sat 22-Oct-16 20:53:23

It's not possible. Pregnancy requires egg and sperm. Not ovulating = no egg!

FaithAscending Sat 22-Oct-16 21:06:23

To clarify, my friend had very irregular periods. She obviously had not ovulated for some time and happened to get pregnant by having sex around the time that she actually did ovulate, even though it seemed like she wasn't ovulating.

OP if you think you're not ovulating at all, you need to seek medical attention.

MoonlightMojitos Sat 22-Oct-16 22:26:59

As others have said it's not possible... do you think you're not ovulating? Have you tried doing bbt?

Yasziieboo Sun 23-Oct-16 10:36:51

I was on the depo for 3 years came off last august and wasn't till February I got a period back. Since then they have been a bit mad but 3 months ago it's always been around 20th so I'm wondering am I getting my regular periods back and even till now I don't know when I'm ovulating. X

BWatchWatcher Sun 23-Oct-16 19:02:55

Yazie, you should get an app or try the fertility friends website. Then you can track your symptoms and you should be able to work out if you are ovulating again.
'Taking Charge of your Fertility' is also a good book for guidance.
Good luck!

toptoe Sun 23-Oct-16 19:05:26

You can get ovulation tests in the chemist to track when you ovulate.

eskimoflo Mon 24-Oct-16 11:34:07

I've been here and speak from experience. First of all, you cannot get pregnant if you don't ovulate, as ovulation is the release of an egg from your ovaries. Second, there is only ONE thing that can definitely confirm ovulation and that is a blood test, done around 7 days before your period is due, to check your progesterone levels. Anything over 30 indicates ovulation has occurred.

When I came off the pill, AF didn't return, and I went to the GP. Blood tests confirmed that I wasn't ovulating, so I was given progesterone to induce bleeds and referred to a fertility specialist. After all the usual tests and scans, I was prescribed clomid: a drug used to provoke your body into ovulating. Whilst going through all of this, I spent an absolute fortune on ovulation kits and thermometers etc. to try and check/track my ovulation. I would be lulled into a false sense of security time and again with the OPKs, as I would get LH surges (and the tests would therefore read positive), but bloods would confirm that the surge hadn't actually been strong enough to stimulate ovulation. I would also get EWCM (fertile cervical mucus) at 'the right' time, but again my progesterone levels were ridiculously low and I had no natural periods, so my cycles simply hadn't returned. Tracking my BBT wasn't successful as my nights were quite disturbed and I've never been much of a morning person, so taking it at the same time every day was too much for me too.

To cut a long story short, we are now blessed with a 6 week old DS, who took 15 months to conceive, from coming off the pill to falling pregnant. During that time, I only ovulated 3 times, so it was third time lucky (and the highest dose of clomid) for us.

It was simple to tell that there was something not right with me, as I had no periods, but if you are not sure whether or not you are ovulating, don't rely on OPKs, BBT, EWCM or anything other than a blood test from your GP to tell you. Good luck and I hope you have some answers soon x x

SummerHopin Mon 24-Oct-16 13:32:38

Hi eskimoflo, just wanted to say thank you for your post it was really interesting.

I came off the pill in March and from then had a couple of regular cycles, that then got longer.....and this time round I am on cycle day 54 with no sign of either a baby or a period!

May I ask - did your periods not return at all? Or did you have something early on? I am wondering if my first few cycles were to do with the pill hormones still being in my body, and now that its all gone I have stopped having any sort of normal cycle?

I am booked for my first blood test on day 2-5 of my next cycle......trouble is that could be ages away! Feeling in limbo now so any help would be great.


crayfish Mon 24-Oct-16 13:45:10

I got pregnant after never seeing a positive on an ovulation test (I was using the clear blue fertility monitor) but that obviously doesn't mean I didn't ovulate. Is that what you mean?

eskimoflo Mon 24-Oct-16 16:09:51

Hello there Summer. Really sorry that you're in limbo; I remember it too well and waiting for something to happen is both painful and excruciatingly frustrating flowers flowers

To answer your question: I came off the pill in Oct/Nov 2014 and nothing happened. I had no periods at all. In Jan 2015, I went to the GP and they gave me Norethisterone (progesterone pills) to try and kick-start my cycle. I therefore had artificial bleeds, but no real AF. In June 2015, I was put on clomid (50mg) after having ultrasounds and a HSG to check my tubes (all clear). The clomid failed to make me ovulate, so my dose was increased until I reached the maximum dose of 150mg, which finally made me ovulate and I got pregnant in December 2015- DS was born on 8th Sept grin

I was never diagnosed with anything- I haven't got PCOS or endo or anything like that, so I didn't get any answers. It just seemed that the pill stopped my cycles and therefore I don't know how long it would have taken for them to return, if at all, if I'd just left it and hadn't gone to my GP. So, no, I had NO natural periods at all for the 15 months that we were trying, except for bleeds induced by the prog pills and the periods that the clomid brought on after it finally did make me ovulate. xx

SummerHopin Tue 25-Oct-16 10:46:02

Good morning eskimo, thanks so much for that.

When I came off the pill in March of this year I did have a few cycles, with very light bleeds. The lengths got longer and longer (28,32,36,44,47) and I'm now on CD55 with nothing this time.

I'm not sure if the bleeds I'm having are real and are due to ovulation (as they are so light) or maybe are just something else? Is there such thing as a bleed but without an ovulation? I'm also wondering if the pill was still generating cycles to a point and now that has gone. be fair though, they are just my guesses - and could be completely off!

An ultrasound I had last year came back all clear and I never had any issues when I first had periods before I went on the pill, so not sure if PCOS is for me or like you whether I might just have odd cycles.

I was wondering about progesterone pills too. Think I am going to contact the GP.

May I ask how old you are? I'm 31, so not too bad but the age thing is creeping in to my thoughts a bit now.


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