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TTC after miscarriage (baby no. 2) and aged 38...starting to panic!

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TurquoiseDress Sat 22-Oct-16 07:46:39

Hi all

Experienced a missed miscarriage almost 5 months ago- found out at the dating scan sad

I'm 38 (will be 39 if any baby were to come along soon)
Cycle number 3
CD29 today (think I'm 10 or 11 days post-ovulation but it's all still a bit random)
Have been spotting since yesterday afternoon and am pretty certain my period is going to turn up at some point today...had a few glasses of wine last night to make me feel better.
Cycles have been around 30/31 days so far since MMC
My LO is aged 2

Anyone else in a similar situation?
My 2 previous pregnancies happened so quickly after stopping the pill, I didn't do anything in particular to monitor my cycles etc.
Since I found out about the MMC I've been doing OPKs and also last month started BBT.

Feeling a bit like I've run out of all my luck with my my 1st pregnancy- everything went smoothly, no problems at all.

Fingers crossed for everyone else this month!

TurquoiseDress Sat 22-Oct-16 07:47:14

Just to add- my BBT dropped yesterday and further today, pretty certain I am out of the running this month!

Phoenix76 Sat 22-Oct-16 23:18:24

I'm so so sorry to read about your miscarriage. I had a hard time ttc dd2, I got all militant about it plotting charts etc convinced I'd too used up all my luck too! I'm pleased to report, I'm 40 and my 7 month old dd2 is in her basket sleeping soundly beside me. I stopped taking all the tests and stressing about it. I spent hours on the net researching about fertility and Ubiquinol (a form of QC10) kept cropping up. Within a month of taking it I was pregnant, still have one left in the pot! If it's suitable for you, it's a supplement, maybe worth a try. Our doctor said stress is a big anti pregnancy thing, easier said than done, but good luck and wishing your dream comes true for you too

TurquoiseDress Mon 24-Oct-16 14:49:30

Hi Phoenix

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it! It's hard feeling the weeks & months tick away waiting to move forwards again i.e. Become pregnant!

A part of me feels like I don't deserve any sympathy as I got pregnant very easily twice before.

Now that we're actually ttc it's funny how that feels stressful in itself as it's not something we're done in the past, it literally has just happened.

Also now I seem to have got a handle on my cycles & approx ovulation day, I might ditch all the testing this month and just go for well timed sex instead!

Lovely to hear that you have your little one! That QC10 you mention is interesting, have been having a Google.

Phoenix76 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:21:44

I know what you mean, every time my af arrived it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and I was convinced it wouldn't happen, made worse by friend's helpful comments "you're not pregnant? But you've been trying for ages!". Of course you deserve sympathy, it's an all consuming process. I went through the same emotions as you, I wasn't trying ttc dd1 it happened by happy accident (too many glasses of wine) & I was almost 12 weeks gone before I realised, I was convinced it was ibs (get that really bad) and so when ttc2 I thought it would be a doddle! Definitely worth trying the supplement, I'm sure the brand won't make a difference but I used Dr Best. We dtd every 2-3 days regardless of my cycle (except when af arrived!), I really do know how you're feeling and I'm sure one day soon you'll be on here supporting others ttc2!!

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