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private or NHS?

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PurpleRainy Wed 19-Oct-16 19:58:21

Ive heard every private IVF takes away your NHS entitlement. This sounds awful but could we go private and hide it from the nhs?

MouseLove Wed 19-Oct-16 21:40:51

Why would you want to? If you can afford to go private then personally I wouldn't use the NHS afterwards. Of course you could use your 3 cycles from the NHS while you save for private treatment and then go private.

I'm sorry you've got to this stage of ivf, I can't imagine how heartbreaking that is. X

Grittzio Wed 19-Oct-16 22:06:40

We had a private IVF whilst waiting for NHS, using the same consultant for both, in fact our successful NHS IVF cycle would have been abandoned as had low number of follicles but as our failed private IVF had resulted in fertilisation, our cycle was allowed to continue with 3 follicles only resulting in DS. Normally your 1st round of IVF can give you answers as to why you have trouble conceiving, and can be beneficial in further treatment. We couldn't afford endless rounds of IVF and was hoping by having 1st go private we wouldn't need NHS funded, however we never needed our 2nd NHS go. Good luck in your treatment, it's worth it in the end x

PurpleRainy Wed 19-Oct-16 22:33:43

We can afford ivf but not indefintely. I think its a bit unfair if youre paying for ivf your nhs eligibility shouldnt be reduced. I dont want to wait much longer so im thinking private maybe the way to go x

broodypsycho Thu 20-Oct-16 19:56:57

Hi op. It may vary in different regions but the letter I got through was, we were entitled to 3 rounds on the NHS but if we had 1 privately then it would be 2 on the NHS. And if we had 2 privately then it would be 1 on the apparently the more you have it the less likely it will work.

I started off privately getting all the tests done which was a big help, as when we finally went to our first nhs appointment, she said she'd put us straight on the list and there was no point in repeating all the tube tests etc.

Good luck op.

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