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No sore boobs?

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Hurricane99 Wed 19-Oct-16 17:00:49

So since I came off the injection I've had about 5 cycles. I don't remember it happening before, but since coming off the injection I have had SUPER sore boobs (particularly the nipples) very shortly after ovulation and all the way through to AF.

Last month was a weird one and I don't think I ovulated (no positive OPK, temps were all over the place and no sore boobs)

This month, things seemed to be back on track. Two OPKs were positive plus textbook temp patterns. Now approx 3 days dpo and my boobs aren't sore.

I assumed the sore boobs were a good sign caused by rising progesterone. Bit concerned why there aren't sore this month confused Any ideas what might be going on?

Hurricane99 Wed 19-Oct-16 17:57:43

If it makes any difference, I feel bloody terrible today

Really fatigued
Cloudy headed/can't think
Was ravenous yesterday

Although at only 4 dpo, I'm sure it's to early to be symptoms of anything, I've probably just got a bug

keepingfaithxx Wed 19-Oct-16 17:59:22

I have exactly the same.. every month straight after OV my boobs start hurting until my period.. so if this happens I put myself out for the month. This month however they don't hurt and AF is due in two days so I'm seeing this as a good sign!! When I got my positive last year (mmc) my boobs didn't hurt either... best of luck smile xx

Hurricane99 Wed 19-Oct-16 18:13:06

Ooooh! You'll find out a lot sooner than me. Let me know how you get on. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

keepingfaithxx Wed 19-Oct-16 21:19:59

I shall do smile thank you... you too!!!

Hurricane99 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:36:58

Bump. Anyone else got any experience of this?

Hurricane99 Sun 23-Oct-16 08:55:57

Just bumping this up again as I'm interested in other people's experiences...

Also, how's it going Keeping?

Heatherbaby Sun 23-Oct-16 13:46:36

Hi hurricane. I think I'm experiencing something similar but I have no experience of being pg so a few weeks to wait until I can find out.

So last Sunday I got my first strong opk of the month, I dtd everyday a good few days before, then on Sunday and then a good few days afterwards to give the odds a fighting chance.

I could be up to 7dpo. I have felt the odd cramps, fatigue and a bit of heartburn (I never or rarely get this) as well as just a general stomach ache and mild nausea. But as it's my first cycle ttc I've been symptom spotting and googling like mad and notice a common theme that ladies who are pg seem to get sore boobs by now.

I am the same in that I usually get very sore boobs from ov to just before af due. So far nothing... not even a twinge! Af is due 1 Nov so a while to wait to be sure...

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