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On our 8th Cycle

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Mammabear31 Wed 19-Oct-16 10:50:17

TTC No.2 and a regular on these boards when it comes to a 2ww. DS1 (and miscarriage before him) fell first cycle. Have tried ovulation charting, changing diet, cutting out caffeine and alcohol and am taking vitamin D, C and E, zinc and folic acid on the daily. Regular sex, regular periods, usually between 27-30 days. We've had cycles where we are relaxed, cycles where we've timetable sex to the minute. I'm only 31, DH is 34.

This cycle has really got me down. Am currently in fertile window and I wonder, why bother DTD because it's not getting me anywhere (we are though, obviously). Am researching private IVF and fertility testing today.

I know that 8 months is nothing really...I got on the infertility board and feel like a total fraud. But then I see DS playing so nicely with other children, asking me for a brother or sister, and I feel so so sad for him. I feel sad that it's looking unlikely we will be able to conceive no.2 naturally. Frustrated that we're doing everything we're meant to be doing, but it's not working. Lonely, because my best friend who I would turn to for support doesn't understand why I would want another child - she has one already and has decided that that's enough. Every time I turn to her she brushes me off and so I no longer bother. My husband understands but there is no-one else I can talk to.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm trying to achieve with this post to be honest. Maybe I need to just let it all out to people who (hopefully) understand where I'm coming from.

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