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My wombs too skinny! How to improve endometrial thickness?

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IsthisMummy Wed 19-Oct-16 08:56:44

I had a scan and bloods done three weeks ago. Got the results back from My GP yesterday. My bloods are all within normal ranges apart from low progesterone, but that's no surprise as I don't think I've been ovulating. Although I'm not even sure about that now as a second scan last week showed I'd just ovulated. However my endometrial thickness was only 3mm; which is obviously far too thin. Scan was performed on first day of my period, but they've been scanty since I came off pill in April. I'm now thinking the thin lining can account for that?

I need to speak to my doctor at hospital regarding how to proceed on Friday. In the meantime does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to how I can fatten my womb up please? Looks like more supplements are on the cards, and I already feel like I'm rattling with them!

Flappergirl86 Wed 19-Oct-16 09:09:16

Brazil nuts apparantly

IsthisMummy Wed 19-Oct-16 09:17:14

Arrrgggghhh, not Brazil nuts Flappergirl. The only ones I don't like!

Why can't it be Cashews? My lining would be about 30mm if so! ;)

I better get scoffing then...

Busta Wed 19-Oct-16 09:52:05

Raspberry leaf tea
Royal Jelly

I apparently had an 8.5mm thickness on CD 18 - 2 days after ovulating.
I have very scanty periods.

It's my 14th cycle TTC sad

AF bitch came yesterday.

I've been doing Royal Jelly & 2 cups of Raspberry leaf since CD 20. Here's hoping for this cycle!

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