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OHSS and Spanx

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WDsuperfan Tue 18-Oct-16 20:54:40

Hoping I can get some tips here! I'm at the end of my IVF cycle. All went well and currently 3 days past ET, so fingers, toes and everything currently crossed.
At egg retrieval I had 29 eggs and since then I've been suffering from mild OHSS. I'm feeling a lot better than I was but I am still severely bloated.
Has anyone had this and if so do you know if you can wear Spanx?! I'm going to a wedding at the weekend and I'm hoping to cover it up.
Obviously if this all works then I will be more than happy to be sporting a bump, but right now it's just horrible!!
I've had accupuncture and cupping, which has helped me feel better, but has not helped with the bloat. Any advice is welcome, and thanks in advance!

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