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CrazyButterfly1 Tue 18-Oct-16 20:46:17


Been ttc for about eleven months now. No luck. Recently had blood tests done waiting for results.

I haven't actually bothered to use these to see when I'm ovulating and have no idea where to begin.

This may sound really daft and naive but please Can someone be kind enough to direct me as to where I should buy from and is it best to use in the morning? Any other tips and advice.blush

Many thanks


MoonlightMojitos Wed 19-Oct-16 19:25:51

Start with cheap ones from amazon, you can get loads for a 5er. How long are your cycles usually? Start with once a day until start getting darker and then twice a day so you don't miss the surge. You shouldn't do them in the morning as you synthesise lh in the morning so it needs time to build up and you shouldn't wee or drink for a few hours before so it's not too diluted. Hope this helps smile. Early afternoon/evening is best.

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