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eyes please

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ihatefuckingfrozen Tue 18-Oct-16 14:54:19

Is it just me or is this a very faint positive?

Writerwannabe83 Tue 18-Oct-16 14:57:13

I'm not familiar with those tests - where is the test line supposed to be?

Orchidflower1 Tue 18-Oct-16 14:58:03

Not sure- are you hoping it is?

ihatefuckingfrozen Tue 18-Oct-16 15:02:51

Sorry that picture is bad. It's a clear blue.

I don't really know if I'm hoping, wouldn't be planned but not unwanted either. Here's a better pic.

McBaby Tue 18-Oct-16 16:02:34

Clear blue sometimes develop feint second Evan lines when not pregnant. How quickly did it come up?

ihatefuckingfrozen Tue 18-Oct-16 16:14:45

This was an hour after. The test didn't look right, was like I hadn't peed enough even tho I had dipped it into a sterile plastic cup for 20 seconds. Checked after an hour and there was a faint line.

physicskate Tue 18-Oct-16 19:57:54

Outside the testing time, the test cannot be trusted!

Test again in a couple days...

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