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I conceived after 18months

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Funlovinmummy Tue 18-Oct-16 01:24:45

Hi, well the title pretty much explains it! When I found out I was pregnant I promised myself that once I had the baby I would write on here how it happened, as I had always found these sort of posts helpful for me because ttc was making me crazy! So here it goes...

Me: 30, healthy, slightly irregular periods
Partner 34, healthy

When my partner and I hadn't conceived in 6 months I was already worried and being the over anxious person that I am I made us go privately for tests. They found no problems despite my cycles sometimes being longer than average and me never having ewcm. They convinced us to try iui during which time I had to injection myself- this didn't work.

Eventually at the year mark we managed to get an nhs appointment and this was the first time they sent me for tests to see if I ovulated-I did so they told me I would have to wait for us to be ttc for 2 years before they would help.

In the mean time we tried everything, and every month I felt miserable and without hope. We went for an IVF consultation and were waiting to start which was when I found out I was expecting.

Over the 18 months we tried everything we could think of. The things I was doing when I got pregnant were-
-Eating 20% or more of protein everyday. I read somewhere a study that showed this helped women's egg quality- I had been doing this for three months when I conceived
-(tmi coming up sorry) My partner really pushed inside me when he climaxed instead of pumping and didn't pull out for ages after - As we felt most of his swimmers came out as he would pull really far out when he was climaxing
- I had thrush and this seemed to change my cm to make there more of it and stretchier (yes I was going to get rid of it- I bought medicine but luckily chose to wait as thought I might be ovulating).

I don't know if any of the above helped but when I was ttc I was desperate to know how other people had did it- so there it is.

I know how awful it is to be ttc and for me it took over my life. I hated being told there was nothing wrong as that meant we couldn't fix it. I felt like it would never happen, but it did!

I hope this helps someone but if it doesn't at least I've got a reminder of what I did when we try for #2! If anyone wants to ask something then please do.

Anyway I must go and see to the grizzling baby upstairs now! Xx

miraflores81 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:28:53

Hi fun thanks for your post, I found it helpfulsmile
I am 35 ttc #1 cycle 13! So pretty fed up by now as you can imagine
Am going to private clinic to start tests Monday confused...

Nicky883 Thu 20-Oct-16 19:26:50

Many congratulations fun have been ttc for 10 months and stories like yours always give me hope
Hope you have a nice and easy pregnancy !

MortifiedinAsda Thu 20-Oct-16 19:32:39

It took 27 months to conceive DS2 ( with a 6 month break ) so i know how disheartening it can be. Congratulations on your pregnancy may it be an uneventful 8/7 months!

florafoxtrot Thu 20-Oct-16 19:42:47

Really wish we had more of these sorts of posts as it really does give me faith in the whole idea that it just takes time and everyone gets there in the end. Thank you x

broodypsycho Thu 20-Oct-16 19:44:29

Congratulations OP on your pregnancy. I will definitely ask dp not to pull out so soon.
Like yourself, Me and dp are both healthy and we got in the unexplained category. We've been trying for 17 months now. We have our appointment in a feel weeks in which were well hopefully be put on the IVF waiting list. It's horrible watching everyone get pregnant so quickly and without any effort. Feels like forever is really does.
Good luck

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