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Eeek! Here we go! Coming off pill cerelle next week - words of wisdom?

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Jellybabie3 Mon 17-Oct-16 13:47:10

Thats it, after over a decade weve decided we are ready to start trying. Ive been on cerelle for years (15 years total on pill). Any advice? im excited but nervous. Been taking vitamin d, calcium and folic for 6 months.

Dannii42 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:19:44

I came off on 24th October. I have been on the pill for around the same time. I haven't had a withdrawal bleed yet or a period. How are you getting on?

Oysterbabe Mon 19-Dec-16 20:36:32

I was on hormone contraceptive for a similar amount of time and had terrible headaches and dizziness for a couple of months after stopping. I also got lots of symptoms leading up to my period, such as sore breasts, that tricked me into thinking i was pregnant each month. Take some time to get to know what your natural cycle is like.

user1471496670 Mon 19-Dec-16 21:05:41

The same as Oysterbabe, the symptoms after stopping are dreadful! I had my withdrawal bleed straight away, then my proper period exactly 30 days later but have cramps, sickness, dizziness, headaches and huge swollen very sore boobs!
Which as you can imagine leads to crazy symptom spotting.

dangle90 Tue 20-Dec-16 14:21:35

I came off the pill 2 weeks ago, no sign of a bleed at all, but same as these ladies, crazy symptoms! Good luck!

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