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TTC after stopping taking Micronor (mini pill) did you do?

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oliversmummy26 Mon 17-Oct-16 12:47:29

Hello ladies,

I stopped taking Micronor (mini pill, with 3 hour window to take pill each day) a month ago and have been actively TTC..

I had regular periods while on Micronor, 28/29 days. My first period after stopping came at 32 days which is unusual and am due any time in the next 3 days.

About 10 days ago I had mega pregnancy symptoms and was convinced we had been successful. Took a test last week and yesterday both were negative, I'm telling myself this is just because it was too early..and hoping against hope that AF just won't come this week.

Just wondering what everyone else's experiences were coming off Micronor and length of time it took you to conceive? I have fallen pregnant twice while on the pill (both times took it just 2-3 hours later than my 3 hour window) so am now convinced that as I'm finally trying to get pregnant it will take me forever!

I'm 36 and my son is 4, so really don't want it to take too long... sad

physicskate Mon 17-Oct-16 13:25:31

Cycles can be very irregular coming off hormonal contraception. 10 days ago would have been more likely to be ovulation!

It takes 7-11 days from ovulation for implantation. It is only after implantation that pregnancy symptoms and hormones start to build, resulting in a positive pregnancy test.

If there is no pregnancy that cycle, AF generally starts roughly two weeks after ov (though mileage on that varies, especially if you have just come off the pill).

oliversmummy26 Mon 17-Oct-16 13:54:28

So there's still a chance of a BFP? On a normal (well, micronor induced) cycle AF would be due tomorrow, so will test then and just keep trying I me hope!

Thank you for your reply smile flowers

oliversmummy26 Mon 17-Oct-16 14:33:36

So I've just done some more reading on this, AF starting after ovulation is usually more easy to guess, as this is generally 14 days, it's ovulation after AF which is difficult to predict.

So I've gone back through my ovia app and have discovered that pretty much two weeks to the day before each of my last 3 AF I've reported having cramps, so am guessing that this is my main ovulation symptom - mind blown!!

If the cramps I had earlier in the month are the same, then AF isn't due until Saturday/Sunday...which is almost a week after I thought and would mean that the tests I've already taken were both far far too early to catch anything! That's got me pretty excited!! grin

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