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Heavy mid cycle bleeding

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L00p Mon 17-Oct-16 10:53:21

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has experienced similar symptoms as wha I describe below. I'm not worried yet, but very confused

So we have TTC for a while now for DC2, and I fell pregnant easily and quickly with DS1. My cycles tend to be around 28 - 32 days long, and so based on that I expect to ovulate around 13 - 20 days, and so I have been doing OPK from around CD10, but I have never got a positive result.

Except for this month, when on a whim I decided to do a OPK on DC9 and got a clear +ve and another +ve the next day. So I was pleased about a clear sign at least. However I then started bleeding on CD12, initially I thought it would be spotting/ ovulation bleeding - but it's turned really heavy and heavier than my normal period. I have never had any mid cycle bleeding, so confused as to what it could mean. I've done a pregnancy test which is -ve, and I haven't done anything different this month (I'm not on any medication, no more stress than usual, no changes to diet etc), so perplexed as what it could be. I have not other symptoms at all

Anyone else experience something similar and found out what it was?


physicskate Mon 17-Oct-16 11:21:50

It's worth a trip to the GP. It's probably nothing, but could be a sign of something (like polyps or fibroids or something).

weloveearlysleeptime Mon 17-Oct-16 19:31:01

I had a cervical polyp and this used to cause mid cycle bleeding (tho never heavier than a period). Definately get urself checked u dont want to ignore a symptom like that before conceiving as it can complicate a pregnancy

L00p Mon 17-Oct-16 21:25:49

Thanks for replying. The bleeding hasn't stopped so I'll get an appointment in.

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