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TFMR three weeks ago, is ovulation likely this cycle?

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blueplasticwateringcan Mon 17-Oct-16 10:46:36

Hello! I had a TFMR at twelve weeks, three and a half weeks ago. Awful, but physically I feel totally fine, just totally desperate to get pregnant again (and I'm really quite old, so no time to lose). I am trying to track ovulation and it's really confusing. Until about two weeks ago, I was still getting a positive pregnancy test. Now not, but trying OPKs and no smiley faces. Have been doing BBTs, and it seemed to go up and stay up about a week ago, as though I had ovulated. But that seems quite unlikely as I had no other signs, and it would have been just two and a bit weeks or so after the termination. It's driving me a bit crazy but perhaps I should just give up on this cycle, and wait for AF, then start tracking again? Anyone had experience of this?

AliBingo Mon 17-Oct-16 12:31:32

Sorry about your TFMR. I had one in March 2013 at 16 weeks and I don't think I ovulated for a cycle or two, I bled for a long time though and obviously further along than you were.

Had a MC in July and ovulated 3 weeks later.

I think it can vary. Might be worth buying a job lot of internet cheapie ov sticks and just test every day and see if anything happens?

Good luck x

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