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Ttc after MMC

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Ml1091 Sat 15-Oct-16 22:34:48

I am ttc again after a mmc in June. I am so worried and questioning everything ATM. Me and my partner ttc all this month and I am waiting for af to arrive Monday. But yesterday I had some dark spotting (3 days before af) it stopped and hen came back this morning. It is like a light period ATM with really dark blood. Sorry tmi. I have no idea what is going on with my body. I am completely exhausted and have a metallic taste in my mouth exactly what I had when I found out I was pregnant before.

I am so confused. What is happening. Is my body playing tricks on me?!

I am desperate to be pregnant asap. I feel like everyone is pregnant other than me. I should be getting ready to have my baby soon and instead I am back at square one.

MoonlightMojitos Sun 16-Oct-16 04:44:13

Didn't want to read and run, I'm sorry you're going through this. Have your cycles been regular again since? Mine went a bit odd after my mc I had a 26 day one and then a 23 day one although they were regular 29 days before. Maybe things are still settling back down. Or maybe you are pregnant again! Could be some implantation spotting, especially if you have symptoms. Only poas will tell, fx for you.

Ml1091 Sun 16-Oct-16 09:23:01

Thank you. I am going to wait a few days and then do a test I think. I'm not due af until tomorrow. I have been having regular 28 day cycles for the last couple of months.

Fingers crossed it doesn't take a long for us to get pregnant again.

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