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Does anyone else really struggle to pin point ovulation?

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IsthisMummy Sat 15-Oct-16 13:08:26

And how the hell do you know when to dtd if so?

Been ttc since I came off mini pill in April. I strongly suspected I wasn't ovulating as I have really irregular cycles and my temp charting on FF has never detected a clear ovulation pattern.

However I went for a scan on 12th and I was informed I had ovulated sometime in the past 48 hours! FF still isn't detecting it, even though my temps have risen slightly. I had no EWCM in days leading up to ovulation (in fact EWCM had come about five days before that, just after my period ended) I'd had no ovulation pains at all. Only thing was my boobs are/were killing me, but that seems like a permanent fixture right now. sad

Are any of you wise women in the same boat as me? How on earth do you keep track of your body if so? I have no idea what is going on. We try our best to dtd every 2/3 days, but how can you possibly know when to go flat out (so to speak!) if you can't pin point ovulation.

I've tried OPKs, but I seem to be getting positives on them nearly all the time. Doctor at Guys Hospital is planning to start me on Clomid pending my blood tests coming back next week. It's so frustrating! sad

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