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Convincing myself I have pregnancy symptoms!

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ifeellikechickentonight Fri 14-Oct-16 17:07:49

Hi all! We've just started ttc #2. DD is 18 months. I had an early MC in June (surprise pregnancy but very much wanted baby), DH and I were always planning to ttc again in Feb 2017 to aim for a 2.5+ gap but this month it just felt right so we went for it. Now I'm 3 weeks into my cycle and starting to convince myself I have some of the early symptoms, the main early sign for me in my last two pregnancies were fizzy tits a tingling sensation in my breasts, very mild lower back ache and creamy CM. I've convinced myself I have all of these symptoms today but then again I have been binge reading articles like "15 ways to tell you're pregnant before BFP!" so there is a good possibility I'm imagining it all! Anyone else on 2ww?

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