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Anyone else just started their TWW?

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phoebe2016 Thu 13-Oct-16 06:46:33

Hi Ladies

I'm 39, TTC number 3 after having a very early MC back in July.
Currently CD22 3DPO and Ovia app is advising to test on 24/10.
Anyone else just started their TWW and like to share their journey? smile

happybus28 Thu 13-Oct-16 08:22:04

Hi phoebe I am 7dpo today. Due to test on 18/10/16. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage flowers

bryjo Thu 13-Oct-16 09:09:52

Hey! I'm in my TWW, due to test in 6 days eek!! Cycle 1!

phoebe2016 Thu 13-Oct-16 11:35:50

Hello Happy and Bryo! Thanks for joining, 2 weeks feels like forever, doesn't it!? Lol.
Do either of you have any other kids or would this (fingers xd for u!) pregnancy be your first child?
What pregnancy test are you planning to use?

phoebe2016 Thu 13-Oct-16 11:36:25

Sorry bryjo smile

phoebe2016 Fri 14-Oct-16 05:35:05

Omg im in total shock, my CB digital OPK has been giving me a solid smiley for 5 days, which i thought was i did a preg test this morning and it's only blooming positive!! My 3 day 'period' was obviously not a real period!! I'm totally gobsmacked! Good luck to everyone with your tests too x

EJ2009 Fri 14-Oct-16 23:32:11

Aaww congrats Phoebe.

I think i ovulated yesterday but a bit unsure as im a bit hopeless with temping so technically yes im probably about to start the torture two weeks.

phoebe2016 Sun 16-Oct-16 06:29:58

Thank you EJ smile i hope it goes well and you end up with your bfp too smile

janiPop Sun 16-Oct-16 17:01:27

Hi ladies! New member here. I'm TTC number 2. I have a DS who will turn 1 in a few weeks. We decided to start trying this month as I miscarried twice before conceiving DS so it might take a while.

I'm currently 1DPO.

Congrats on your BFP phoebe!

phoebe2016 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:17:23

Thanks Jani and welcome. Sorry for your losses. When you have experienced that, I don't think that you ever truly get to enjoy pregnancy as you are so worried it will happen again! Just take it as it comes and try not to stress. Usually you can be quite fertile after having a baby, so you never know! Best of luck smile

EJ2009 Mon 17-Oct-16 13:27:22

Im 4dpo and have period type pains anyone else had this?

sk1pper Mon 17-Oct-16 16:30:05

EJ - yes though I wouldn't describe mine as period pains, more like trapped wind but I've had it for about 24 hours now. I'm only 2dpo so there's no way it could be implantation cramping. I also had a rough day of ovulation pain, it's been pretty hard to distinguish between the two pains but the ovulation pain was to the right and less severe and the abdominal cramping is just below my belly button - it's like someone's twisting a knife. I'm going mental already sad

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