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Confused- OPK just positive and temperature rise already happened

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TurquoiseDress Wed 12-Oct-16 12:37:55

Hello to you all

I'm on CD19 (think my cycles are around 30 days but it's been a bit of mess since a missed miscarriage over the summer)

Anyhow, on CD15 the OPK showed a faint second line (low/weak positive?!) and on CD16 it was strong second line which I took to be a positive.

Have also started measuring BBT first thing in the morning. on CD16 I noticed it had gone up by 0.5 degree Fahrenheit

DH has been away with work since CD12 so we didn't manage to have sex until CD16

I'm confused now- does the rise in BBT mean I had already ovulated?
The faint positive OPK was done around 8pm on CD15 and strong positive was around 20 hours later.

Have we missed the boat this month?!
I thought that a positive OPK indicates that you will ovulate during the next 12-24 hours? I've used OPKs each day since and from CD17 they have been completely negative, not a trace of a 2nd line

Thoughts please...!

TurquoiseDress Wed 12-Oct-16 15:15:39

Any ideas or thoughts please?

Have my fingers crossed that I might fall pregnant this month, but now just wondering whether we completely missed the chance!

Alibaba2 Wed 12-Oct-16 20:25:44

Do you have a chart guy can post?

Alibaba2 Wed 12-Oct-16 21:12:35

Do you have a chart YOU can post (sorry)?

TurquoiseDress Thu 13-Oct-16 04:56:50

I've only recently started the BBT checking so haven't put it on a chart.

Here are the days with temperature (apologies if rather tedious!)

19- 97.93
18- 97.34
17- 97.25
16- 97.48 (this was the 0.5 rise & had strong positive OPK)
15- 96.98 (weak positive OPK)
14- 97.07
13- 97.34
12- 97.21
11- 98.22 (unwell)
10- 98.62 (unwell)
9- 97.29

Can anyone make any sense of this?!
Thank you

TurquoiseDress Thu 13-Oct-16 04:57:47

I'm CD20 today

Alibaba2 Thu 13-Oct-16 06:37:52

I would say your cover line is around 97.2. Cd15 is your temp dip before ovulation. I think cd16 is a blip and you should ignore it. Your temp rise is on cd19. So you ovulated on cd17 or cd18. You need a consistent temp rise of 3 days or more to confirm ovulation. I would expect your temp to stay high now.

TurquoiseDress Thu 13-Oct-16 14:01:29

Hi thanks v much for your interpretation of the numbers!

That does make sense, I didn't realise re the 3 days of sustained rise, I was more fixed on the temperature spike.

Re my pregnancy earlier this year, when I put all the details into Ovia, it shows I conceived after having sex on CD14 (well, the early hours of CD15!)- it was the only time we had sex that month so it was easy to pinpoint.

I thought that it was already too late this month by CD16.

Up til now I've only done OPKs for the last couple of months,been doing BBT since late last month

Not managed to get a proper one today as LO has had a cold so I was up in the early hours & didn't really go back to sleep!

willitbe Thu 13-Oct-16 15:55:11

Hi Turquoise If you put your numbers into the app, it does not indicate ovulation yet as you have not yet had 3 high temps. I agree with Alibaba2: You have a fairly reasonable possible temp rise between cd19, so if they stay up, then you might have ovulated around the cd18 or possibly cd17 (depending on your temps for the next couple of days).

I found opk's did not work for me. I had temp rises on the day of clear positive opk sometimes! But with you, it does help suggest ovulation on the cd17 or 18

Your temps could possibly do with being a little more consistent to get a clearer pattern. Simple things like make sure the battery on the thermometer is good. Make sure that you take the temp at the same time immediately on waking and with the thermometer in the same place in your mouth (assuming that is where you are doing it, as vaginal temps tend to be less variable) each day.

I don't think from your temps that you missed the window this month. Do keep dtd until you get a clear pattern indicating ovulation, just in case. Being ill could have delayed ovulation a couple of days from normal.

Hope you have a successful month!

TurquoiseDress Sat 15-Oct-16 20:22:40

Thank you for the detailed post sorry for the slow reply.

I do like the scientific side of TTC, helps when trying to make sense of things!

In my previous 2 pregnancies, I'd always fallen pregnant straight after coming off the pill so I had no time to get to know my cycles etc.

This is cycle 3 post missed miscarriage.

When you say 3 consecutive temps- do you mean 3 temps that are rising consecutively or 3 temps that are all higher than the coverline temp?

Here are my updated temps (should disregard day 20 I think):

22- 97.70
21- 97.84
20- 98.10 (done in pm, few hours sleep- not really a BBT I guess)
19- 97.93
18- 97.34
17- 97.25
16- 97.48 (this was the 0.5 rise & had strong positive OPK)
15- 96.98 (weak positive OPK)
14- 97.07
13- 97.34
12- 97.21

Unfortunately DH has been away with work for 3 days this week- only DTD on CD16 so fingers crossed!

MoonlightMojitos Sat 15-Oct-16 20:44:51

I've just sat and converted your temps from f to c to try and compare to mine haha (another wild Saturday night). I agree with above to omit the one high on cd16 and that ov happened 17/18 smile. 3 days in a row of temps over coverline, they don't have to be increasing. Fx for you! If you already have the ovia app then pop the temps in there now and post your chart! It's alot clearer to look at then smile

TurquoiseDress Sun 16-Oct-16 13:49:42

Thank you for that Moonlight

Yes I've got the Ovia app didn't realise there is a chart facility, will attach it, much clearer when all the info is charted

Yes sounds like you had an exciting Saturday night!

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