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should I see my doctor about my cycles

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Tinks100887 Wed 12-Oct-16 10:51:42

My cycles have been a little off since coming off mini pill in May

Took 40 days to get af after pill. The whole time I thought I was pregnant as every symptom. Hate that the pill does that. Anyway thought I was getting back to normal

1st af (post pill) 11/07 28day cycle
2nd af 09/08 35 day cycle
3rd af 12/09 currently on cycle day 31

According to ovai app I should have ovulated between 26/09 - 01/10
I've been trying not to symptom spot or not used any opk's as I know I'll get obsessed. We have bd every other day so if I was ovulating then hopefully could've caught one smile

But I have been reading online and I've not noticed any Ewcm this cycle which worries me, but then I haven't been exactly checking.
Last week I was feeling very nauseous and had some cramps.
My breasts feel slightly tender but not like they do leading to af. More so at the sides and under my armpits
Having some niggly feeling in my uterus area and hip bone.

I'm probably not making sense as like I say I'm new to all this and this will be our first together, but we want this so bad.

Just wondering if no discharge is a good sign and no af build up feeling is a good sign? Or should I go see my doctor about my cycles

MmmMalbec Wed 12-Oct-16 15:29:30

Doctor won't really be interested until about 12 months after you've come off the pill. It's frustrating but it can take quite a while to settle down. I know you said you don't want to track ovulation but I found it massively reduced my stress levels because I knew when I was expecting AF to arrive. Apps like OVIA have no idea when you're going to ovulate if you're having irregular cycles or havent input much data. With regards to signs and symptoms, its hard to know when you don't know what normal is for you really. I also find I don't have the exact same symptoms every month too. TTC can be a crappy process, worth it in the end though!

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