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Sterilisation and vasectomy....pregnant????

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Lottielou83 Mon 10-Oct-16 22:37:51

Hi all.
So.... I had a sterilisation in June last year (2015) whilst under the knife having my 3rd DD by elective c-section...the surgeon at the time told me he didn't think it was complete as he wasn't sure whether or not it was my right phalopean tube he'd tied (I had a lot of scar tissue from my previous 2 c-sections) so I was to await the hystology report some weeks after to confirm whether or not it was successful. The pain I experience on my right hand side after was just ridiculous. Having had the hydrology report back they said it was inconclusive and they wanted to perform further investigative work to determine the true outcome, meaning potentially back under the knife again. With this is mine DP said I'd been through enough and he would opt for a vastectomy. He went through with the procedure but when it came To taking his 'sample' we never got round to it so don't know how successful it was. So with both having inconclusive results we don't know how effective our contraception has been.
Since having my DD and stopping breastfeeding in Feb this year my periods have been somewhat different. My ovulation pains is...the only way I can describe it is unbearable. Mid cycle it's just insane. I'm doubled over in pain, my tummy swells like mad, that lasts for about a week, then around a week later I have my period. I literally get about 1 week a month where I feel and look normal.
So....last month during Ovulation I experienced what I can only describe as loosing blood just huge amounts and pink coloured flesh. At first I thought it was thrush but i used caneston and had antibiotics but it still remained. Later that month (16th sept) I came on my period and it seemed fairly normal. Last week i started ovulating again and the pain was so bad, my tummy distended so much I literally looked 6 months pregnant, it hurt to touch and CV mucus was lots. I felt a ridiculous 'full' feeling as I do when I'm pregnant...which I still feel now. My boobs are feeling fuller, food aversions are kicking in, nausea has hit me hard today and I generally feel crappy, I'm scared to say it but I feel pregnant. My DP and be have 6 beautiful DD's (DP has 3 from a previous marrriage) and we made the decision that our family was complete.
I couldn't even begin to imagine another baby yet I couldn't even comprehend a termination. Maybe I'm just overthinking and trying to justify a few extra lbs weight gain.
Feeling extremely nervous and as much as I've googled the possibilities of this I'd much appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences.
Thanks In advance xxx

physicskate Tue 11-Oct-16 08:36:43

For many women they symptoms of impending af and early pregnancy are identical. You know your body. Take a test. If you're pregnant enough to have symptoms, you're pregnant enough for a result.

Antibiotics will not cure thrush, just make it worse!

With all this happening, take this post to your go. You shouldn't have to live like this every month (if not pregnant).

Why on earth would your do not get a sample done after??? He may secretly want more children?

haveacupoftea Tue 11-Oct-16 21:31:30

I doubt you could be pregnant, but evem if you aren't, you shouldn't have to go through this every month. It isn't normal, something isn't right with your need to get it checked out x

AmyC86 Tue 11-Oct-16 23:01:53

if your not pregnant you shouldn't have to be in that amount of pain each month. get to your gp, you could have a blockage or anything

FannyDaggers Wed 12-Oct-16 08:48:43

Please go the dr what you are experiencing needs medical investigation as quickly as possible flowers

Pugmummy87 Wed 12-Oct-16 09:34:24

Take a test and go and see your GP! Whether or not you are pregnant, the pain you are describing is not normal and needs investigating.

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