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Implant out tomorrow TTC 1st Baby

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user1476103188 Mon 10-Oct-16 13:45:28

Hi, everyone just joined. Having my implant out tomorrow as we are going to start trying for baby number 1. Are ovulation kits worth buying? I'm 34 years old. Any tips or advise would be great. Thanks you

jingle1 Wed 12-Oct-16 17:11:15

Best of luck with TTC!

I'm 32 and planning on getting my implant out next month - also for baby number 1. Will be very strange after years of trying not to get pregnant!

I've been taking folic acid for a couple of months now (when i remember!). There are a few threads on here where people got pregnant immediately after having implant removed, how exciting! But I keep trying to tell myself it could be a long road and I need to be patient and relax.

I'll probably hold off on the OPKs for a few months - just because I know i'll get obsessive with them. Previous posters have linked to some recommended bargain kits on Amazon.

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