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PillyPeppa Mon 10-Oct-16 11:31:09

Hi, I know that you are told to stop testing once you receive your static smiley face but this month I continued. So I had the smiley face for two days and then the next day the test was a round circle, the following day it was a flashing smiley face. What does this mean?

Any help would be great.

PurpleHaze1 Mon 10-Oct-16 12:27:29

Hi Pilly. I take it you're using the Clearblue DH tests?

The reason you're not to test after the static is that these tests are intuitive to your own hormone levels. For example, the first time you test you get a blank face as the device records this as your 'base' level. It then monitors the hormone levels on subsequent tests until you reach peak. After peak, the device resets itself. So if you test again after peak, it records this as your new base level. Hope that makes sense.

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