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Confused about my period...

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user1467060589 Sun 09-Oct-16 22:16:51

Hi ladies
I'm new to this site and thought it'd be the best place to maybe get some advice or just enlightenment on my current dilemma!
Basically, I came off the pill about 5 months ago and my periods went back to a normal, 28 day cycle within about 2 months, I could pretty much predict it to the hour, as well as predicting when I O'd etc.
Here's the issue- I was due AF on friday, but most of last week from monday I had really mild spotting. On friday I had the tiniest bit of red blood (thought AF had come!) but then nothing!!
I am technically three days late now and have gone back to having fairly thick, white cm and a bloated feeling.
I've been with my bf for a while now and we BD fairly frequently, as well as around the time I o'd..
I am also a smoker, but in the last few days it makes me wanna vom!
was it an early period I had, or what?!

MrsG280516 Sun 09-Oct-16 22:20:34

Have you done a pregnancy test? The spotting could have been implantation bleeding.

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