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11dpo faint line. Had CP before and worried it will happen again

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weloveearlysleeptime Sun 09-Oct-16 07:29:27

I swore i wouldnt do this again and test before my period is due. Had 1 cp in june this year which was left me gutted. Have a faint line now at 11 dpo-ish using fmu.afraid this will end in a cp again....drank last night and have been rather liberal with wine the whole month as we've had quite a lot of friends birthdays and stuff. Hv also been to hot yoga and now i have no idea whether i should carry on or stop for a while until my period is officially late. Truth be told we have been half hearted abt ttc since the CP and were on the verge of giving up (thus e liberal lifestyle). Just dont know what to do now!

LikeaSnowflake Sun 09-Oct-16 07:37:21

Sorry to hear about your cp.

My line on a frer was lighter at 11dpo and I am now 7 weeks pregnant. The night before I had had two large glasses of wine as thought I was not pregnant.

If I had that line I would definitely start behaving as if pregnant. Nothing is certain but that is definitely positive. Congratulations and best wishes, I hope this time it all goes smoothly for you smile

Frazzled2207 Sun 09-Oct-16 07:41:01

Congratulations you are pregnant. Don't worry about recent drinking but do try to stop as of now.
Just because you had a cp earlier this year does NOT mean you're going to have another one.
Try and not test again for another few days or you'll go bonkers comparing darkness of lines etc. (I did). Hope it works outflowers

weloveearlysleeptime Sun 09-Oct-16 07:44:33

Thanks for kind words. Afraid it was closer to 3 large glasses of wine for me last night! 😟 AF isnt due till next weekend and when i had the CP I lost it on CD 31/32. Really paranoid now.

SuperManStoleMyPants Sun 09-Oct-16 07:52:53

I completely know where you are coming from. I had a cp last month and it sucks balls. flowers

This month I thought we missed our window and have been rather liberal with the wine. Found out last week I had my dates mixed up after cp and I'm now 4+5 weeks. Still very nervous and half not believing it'll stay.

The next week unfortunately will be a long one for you. Try not to panic and take it easy. Easier said than done I know. I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

HungryHorace Sun 09-Oct-16 08:32:59

I was hammered the day before my BFP; I'd tested and got a BFN, so went for it (and a few times that month due to my hen do)! My DD is 3.3 and just fine, so don't worry about the wine you drank yesterday, just treat yourself as pregnant from now on.

Good luck with your pregnancy. flowers

weloveearlysleeptime Sun 09-Oct-16 08:35:37

flowers congrats super and thanks for kind words. Fingers crossed for you too.

weloveearlysleeptime Wed 12-Oct-16 08:26:47

4 weeks today based on LMP. Have been studiously avoiding comparing lines since I last posted but thot id do a digital just to make sure i really am pregnant. I suppose this says it but im still terrified...

Thecontentedcat Wed 12-Oct-16 13:53:39

Congratulations! flowers try and relax (I know it must be difficult, I've had a chemical too and I have anxiety) I think you just have to say to yourself 'why worry about what may never happen'. So far things are going well so try and stay in this moment.

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