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Pregnancy symptoms but 4 negative tests

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user1475964334 Sat 08-Oct-16 23:07:58

Good evening ladies!!

I need some advice because, as my nickname says, I'm a Worry Bunny and I'm not trying to conceive. I want kids at some point but not now!!

So here it goes:

Last period started on 26/08
Stopped the pill a couple of months ago
Had unprotected sex (but used the pull out method) on the 7/09, 2 days before ovulation day and 18/10 (one week before due period) an again on the 4/10 (he came inside me this last time).
I was regular on the pill but used to be very irregular before, I even had a 46 day cycle once.
If I was regular, my last period was due on 23/09
If I was irregular, my last period would ideally be on 10/10.
I have nausea (can be from stress because it feels more like an uneasy feeling), mood swings, increased hunger, craving for sweet and salty, and pain in my lower abdomen and right side of lower abdomen. My nipples didn't change color and are not sore at all.
I had spotting for 2 days on the time my last period should've started.
I would be 6 weeks pregnant now, starting 7 week today.
I took 2 tests on week 5, one at night and one in the morning, both negative.
I did two tests today, one in morning and one in evening, both negative.
I started dieting until now and only started eating more these last days. Me and my boyfriend are also heavy smokers so I guess my fertility would be ultra low.

Could I be pregnant if I got 4 negative results!? Because I'm panicking and am getting stressed and even got a panic attack. Feeling more and more nauseated for the stress.

From your experience ladies, could I still be pregnant, could this be my body readjusting from stopping the pill a couple of months ago or could I have a problem in my uterus?

If I don't get my period in the next week or so, I'll take an appointment to make a blood test and see if anything is wrong, but please give me some advice girls because I feel confused and can barely sleep now.

If you took the time to read all of this and take the time to reply to me, I'm very grateful for your help Thanks you everyone

PS: I also took my basal body temperature last night and it came back at 37,3º which would be the temperature of a person who is not pregnant at that hour of the day. I never monitored my BBT so it was more of a panic measure to ease my mind before sleep but it didn't work much, eh. I also did the toothpaste test last night and after 5 minutes or so it didn't change colors.

haveacupoftea Sun 09-Oct-16 01:15:44

Stop panicking! It is extremely unlikely that you're pregnant if you are having negative tests.

user1475964334 Sun 09-Oct-16 09:37:06

I've read so much "horror stories" online about only getting pregnancies detected really late with ultrasounds that I'm going crazy rn. Thanks for your reply smile

user1475964334 Fri 14-Oct-16 18:57:17

I just want to tell you guys I'm not pregnant. Went to the doctor and turns out I'm really late but no baby.

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