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Advice pcos and metformin cycles

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Demoiselle Sat 08-Oct-16 13:59:30

Afternoon ladies.
I'm in need of some advice. Bit stuck on what to do.
My stats:
On metformin 500mg twice daily
Folic acid 5mg
Aspirin 75mg only started taking this cycle
Currently cycle day 45
Previously my cycles were 36 days since taking the metformin they are 26-30days.
Also since I have been on the metformin I have had one miscarriage at almost 7 weeks and one chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks.

This cycle I have only had 1 small amount of streaky watery blood on tissue (sorry tmi). Didn't even last a day jus one time.
Had plenty of pregnancy symptoms but the tests are negative.
Has anyone been on metformin and had a longer cycle?

In currently at the stage of limbo where I would rather jus have AF show up and have a cry and onwards to next cycle.

I have booked myself in with GP on Wednesday.... I doubt he will be much helphmm

Any stories or advice appreciated

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