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3 days late for period

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Alicejj8x Thu 06-Oct-16 09:16:14

3 days late for my period! Did a test just now and it's negative ! But I've been getting signs of possibly pregnancy !? What do you think I should do take it as it's negative or try again next week??

delilahbucket Thu 06-Oct-16 10:32:43

If you are not tracking ovulation then you probably ovulated late this cycle. Happens to us all. It doesn't mean you're not pregnant, but I wouldn't get your hopes up either. If no period in a few more days test again with a sensitive test like First Response Early Result.

Alicejj8x Thu 06-Oct-16 10:59:11

Hello thankyou for your reply.. I have been tracking my ovulation as I have a app that tells me when I'm fertile and when I ovulate..
yes I think if no period shows up I'll check it again thankyou smile just awful waiting isn't it xx

delilahbucket Thu 06-Oct-16 17:52:48

An app cannot tell you when you ovulate without you inputting a daily basel body temperature(also known as bbt). It can only guess based on averages and it won't know if you've ovulated late.

MoonlightMojitos Thu 06-Oct-16 19:13:21

As delilah has said the app will not know, it just guesses but fx for you that af doesn't show and it's a bfp smile

Alicejj8x Thu 06-Oct-16 19:26:12

Ohhh okay! So with the bbt you check it everyday? Or and it's about the temp rising slightly isn't it?
I hope so i feel very achy today and feel like I've got the flu but they say you can feel like that befor don't they?

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