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Could this be implantation bleeding?

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holygold13 Wed 05-Oct-16 13:37:05

Afternoon all!

I've always suffered with extremely(!!!!!) crampy and heavy afs, since having 2 miscarriages (first in February second in July) it all seems to have got a lot worse, more then a few times ending in being sent home from work/bedbound/sleepless nights. I've been prescribed cocodomol (which made me incredibly poorly recently so I don't take now) mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid, which I started this month.

AF was due yesterday. I usually get all the usual symptoms (cramps especially) but had the shock of my life when she showed her face on Sunday. Very pink/watery and no clots (which again I usually have an awful lot of!)

I dosed up on my mefenamic in preparation for cramps, and usually they take a majority of the pain away but this time absolutely nothing. Usually my period will stop me in my tracks but it was as if nothing was happening - zilch symptoms apart from occasional spotting!

Covered only about half a tampon, twice, until Tuesday I decided not to bother. All there was was pink (maybe pale red?) when I wiped. Nothing else at all.

Yesterday was even less, and today I've had maybe 3 spots of pink. It is extremely watery, not like my usual period at all.

Could the spotting be down to the tranexamic acid, even though I didn't take that until Monday night and it was already very light before that?

Could this be implantation, or something else? This is such a huge drastic difference to what I usually have so something must be going on! If not, I bloody hope they are all like this from now on! Feel like I've got my life back!

Thanks for reading, extremely long winded I know!!

MelodyLove9 Wed 05-Oct-16 22:10:57

I have had a similar bleeding with timing but I had brown for one day, red , then red and brown last day! Have you done a hpt? Please let me knew the result!! I hate waiting...

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