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Just installed Ovia, eek!

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wowwee123 Wed 05-Oct-16 12:36:38

i just thought i would start a quick thread for a bit of morale support. i have just installed ovia ready for me coming off micronor at the end of the month.

I had an mmc at 9 weeks in November 2014, finally completed in December 2014. I quickly fell pregnant in January 2015 and gave birth to my pfb, a son, in July 2016. Sadly he was stillborn.

i've very actively been trying not to get pregnant since then but as i am approaching my 32nd birthday we thought it best to give it another go, and pray to god that we will be third time lucky.

anyway as you can imagine this is an anxious and exciting time and i just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat at the moment?

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