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Broody for #3. Feeling won't go away

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kennycat Fri 30-Sep-16 20:05:16

I've got two amazing children 2 and 4 and have just in the last six or so weeks become incredibly broody for a third. It was like a switch just flipped. Husband is dead against it. He gives all these very logical reasons; we have two healthy ones, a boy and a girl, life is getting back on track hobbies and schedule-wise, I can start thinking about getting back to work and we can then easily buy our forever home, he doesn't want a great wagon of a parent car etc etc etc but I just can't shake this feeling.
Will it ever go away?!
I can't bring myself to get rid of most baby stuff just in case, but I had help getting pregnant twice (clomid) so know this is going to have to be a very conscious decision and effort to have a third.
How can I change his mind?! I've even agreed to him sleeping with ear plugs, maintaining his hobbies etc blah blah but he's still 'not up for it' as he says.
He keeps saying 'what if we get a duff one? It would be like a millstone around our necks' . I know that's a very crass way of saying it but it's a very real fear and he thinks we've been very lucky to dodge that bullet twice and shouldn't push our luck.
He's also worried I'm going to be a nightmare again. Apparently I was pretty hideous during pregnancy number two and was definitely a total cow bag for the first 18 months of my second child's life. I think it was pnd but I was in total denial. I've said I would seek help much sooner in future.
He talks so much sense but I just have a feeling. You know what I mean. No proper logical reason to have another, apart from I'm an only child and dread being the sole survivor once my parents have gone. Nobody to share chdhood memories with etc. I want my children to have people to share their memori with.
My body just doesn't feel like it's done with being pregnant,child birth and feeding.

Sorry, that was a bit rambly.

haveacupoftea Sat 01-Oct-16 07:35:26

There are quite a lot of very very good reasons why not having another baby wouls benefit your family - particularly being able to give your children their forever home.

Honestly, I think it would be selfish of you to take the decision that you want another child if its not the best decision for your family as a whole. And the more you try to change your husbands mind, the more likely he is to start resenting you for it.

Sorry i know thats not what you want to hear.

dottydee3 Sat 01-Oct-16 07:43:28

Give it some time and see how you feel in a couple of months, he may also need some time to properly consider having a third if this is something you have only raised recently.
I do NOT think you are selfish at all

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