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TTC - anyone had investigations for cervix pain?

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Dustpan Thu 29-Sep-16 14:43:56

Hi all, has anyone had investigation for cervix pain please and experiences to share?

We are TTC our number two. My cervix took a real bashing during delivery of DC1 two years ago & sex has been painful ever since so we've basically not DTD much confused

Then I came off the pill in July & we conceived straight away, but just having sex 4 times in that week of conceiving put me in such bad pain I went to GP. She referred me to gynae, however I haven't had an appointment through yet and in the meantime I have miscarried & lost my dear little bean.

I'm pretty devastated, and really worried what may be wrong with my cervix. GP advised to stop TTC until I'd seen gynae. Even just the vaginal scans during the mc were really painful.

Has anyone been through this or heard of it please? I'm so desperately sad about losing my bean & now I'm fearful my cervix pain may prevent me having sex again or carrying another baby safely. Thanks ladies.

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