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3 positive tests, 1 negative?

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Yawninghippo Wed 28-Sep-16 20:37:28

I've had 3 positive home tests today ( 1 superdrug, 2 first response) then had a double ( well quadruple check!) check at a doctors appointment this afternoon but it was negative?

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Wed 28-Sep-16 20:42:21

Could it be a bit early? FRER work I think 6 days before missed period - I think the doctors use the stick ones (same as the cheapies you can buy on Internet) so they may be a little less sensitive?

lynseyc83 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:44:08

The tests used in the doctors surgery's are not very sensitive

Yawninghippo Wed 28-Sep-16 20:45:07

It was just a little strip of paper the doc used. I just wasn't quite sure as I had the 3 positives then the negative in the surgery. I'm only 3 days late.

MyGreenSofa Wed 28-Sep-16 20:47:38

If you have taken all these tests today you must have managed a lot of wee. Perhaps your urine was too dilated by the time you got to the GP's test? I wouldn't think 3 positive tests could be wrong?

MyGreenSofa Wed 28-Sep-16 20:48:22

Diluted not dilated!

Yawninghippo Wed 28-Sep-16 20:49:28

Sofa, I did wonder that! grin

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Wed 28-Sep-16 20:51:02

I would be very surprised if you had three false positives. They are uncommon.


Yawninghippo Wed 28-Sep-16 20:57:28

Thank you! We have been trying but I only came off contraception 4 weeks ago so really wasn't expecting it so soon!

toastedbeagle Wed 28-Sep-16 21:01:39

The only reason to do a pregnancy test in a doctors is to rule out an ectopic. Hence they're less sensitive/ cheap. Why did you go to the GP? Generally we just say congrats and redirect to midwife to book in.

Congratulations on the BFP!

Yawninghippo Wed 28-Sep-16 21:09:55

Thank you toasted! I had the appointment booked 3 weeks ago as I'll need antidepressants in pregnancy and my doctor and I had planned to start them when I started ttc. They did a test just to confirm as I was there but it came back negative which threw me. hmm Looks like I shouldn't put too much faith in their tests though!

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